Wednesday, January 7, 2015


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Another good way to start a year is to look back some of the books that made my existence worth it.
So these are my top must reads that I personally enjoyed and hopefully you'll enjoy as well if you haven't read these. This are in random order.
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This has melted my iron heart seriously.
If your looking for a different kind that will make you happy but with a price of guilt to pay this will somehow help. Aaagghh! The FEELS!
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Educational young adult read that will take you back and at the same time to a lot of places unimaginable!
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For the bibliophiles that has a thirst for epic adventure within a famous novel.
Soon to review!
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Non stop page turning novel of aliens vs. aliens, action pack and hard core powers.
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An awesome light and giddy read that book lovers can only understand.
Soon to review!
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My very first poetry book that made me fall in love and heart broken.
Soon to review!

I wasn't planning to include this but it made my top must reads somehow and I cant simply let it slip away that easy. I has to be in the list!

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Marissa Meyer has got to be part of this list. This woman's mind is unbelievably captivating.
Another best of Marissa that has to be devoured by all book lovers out there.

So those are my top reads. Hope they were helpful and would somehow spark a interest to you. 

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