Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Super Reading Slump and How To Beat Them.

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I know for sure that I'm not the only person who experience such a thing especially for us book readers. If writers have writers block and WE, readers surely has book slumps.
And this is not the first time that this happens to me and surely there will be more slumps to come. Hahaha!
recently I've been experiencing it. It all started with a book that somehow I enjoyed but It was a bit dragging for me even though I'm in love with it. Have any of you felt the same or experienced the same thing?
This reading slump that I'm currently experiencing is very different from the reading slumps that I've encountered cause this one I just cant ignore. I LOVE THE BOOK. I must finish it and I'm quite determined to do so but in a pace that is incredibly sluggish, I just don't understand!
So for this post, I decided to share with you some tips that I've read that will help you with reading slumps, well for me at least were effective aha
So here they are.

This is something that I keep telling myself when I'm reading especially when I'm force to meet a deadline because of the number of books I have to read for the month. I no longer sometimes understand what I'm reading thus not really enjoying the book anymore leading to poor review. Which is unfair! I KNOW! Its not a race. Reading is a passion or a hobby. You should love what your doing. Put down the book and take a breather. Do something else you enjoy and when you feel reading again get back to it. Easy.
Another tip that I find helpful. Watching people haul or review books. Its one of the things that I really enjoy and help me get back on the mood.  Seeing books lifted around feels really comforting to be honest and lets you want to feel books as well except when your on a book buying banned of course. ahaha those book hauls will make you want to spend a lot even though you have mountains of unread books. aha
Now, another thing that will somehow help you to stay in schedule.
Doesn't really matter how many pages, 5 or 10 pages per day is enough to help you finish the book without forcing yourself to finish it soon. Remember, reading is not a competition! Everyone has their own set of pace that their comfortable in.
This is another helpful tip to get yourself warmed up. Shorter books especially of a different genre is better,A change of scenery is good sometimes. Graphic novels too are great to get you still on track especially if your joining book challenges. Its still considered reading right plus PICTURES! Who wouldn't love drawings while reading aha!  
Its one of the things I love doing when bored. GET YOURSELF OUT!
Coffee shops are great place for me to read. The aroma of coffee and the mellow music is really comforting and enjoyable ambiance to read unless your really sleepy which was the case when I was still studying aha but seriously it helps too.
Now not everyone are into this but I recently am enjoying audio books. I don't know why but I feel a multitasking genius when I use audio books. I can do a lot of things while reading or should I say listening. Plus its something different that helped get back to reading plus do some chores. PRODUCTIVITY at its best. HAHA
 Hopefully that was a very helpful.

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