Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mark Your Book Of The Month

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I know!!! I always tend to miss some of my Book Marks of the month.
I'm so sorry guys.
Well I have something interesting to show you for my bookmark for this month though.
Now this time I have to pull out some dough's. I have to say that this was quite expensive of course! compared from my previous book marks which was FREE. Haha
This is it!
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Its a stretch band book mark with a pen or marker holder at the front.
This is a very good idea especially readers out there that loves to highlight words or paragraphs that hits them, I myself is guilty of such actions plus serving you with a book mark.
I find this very sleek BUT minor down fall, whenever I stuff this in my bag and I grab it out it tends to get hooked to my other stuffs in my bag thus leading to damage the book as well if you forced it out. Just a minor thing but everything else is fine.
 Now I find this very helpful not just for readers like us but I guess for students or people who loves using planners.
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I got this at our local bookstore.
The National Bookstore for P80 or P90 I guess. I'm so sorry I forgot how much it was exactly but its around that price. 
So yeah! that was a wrap. Hope you guys find this interesting and thank you again for visiting!
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