Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Book Journal!

Greetings book lovers!
 I've been meaning to show you guys this cool book journal that I accidentally bumped into. Initially during my trip to the bookstore I was only planning to get me a planner for this year and I wasn't expecting to see this or even knew that there was something such as this exist. This was the very very last one left and I saw this jumbled to the planners section. And during that time it was like 2 days prior to Christmas so basically every store in the malls are swarmed by last minute shoppers and everything in the stores are chaotic, The shelves are a mess it was so hard to get things in there respective locations. It was a unbelievable to even see this journal and surprisingly it saw me.
Once I saw the word "BOOKS" on the cover and realized the bookshelf design cover, I had goose bumps! SERIOUSLY.  I just have to get it. Even if it says "For Kids" that literally blurred my vision and just have to come home with me even it was all battered and the springs were a peeled off already. I just didn't care. Boy oh boy! This baby is worth every cent, Once I got to see the insides.
 photo IMG_2890.jpg
Let me give you a private tour on my book journal! :)
So basically its like Goodreads on a notebook plus some cool activities as well promoting or motivating you to read more by recording it. Here's like a menu page.
 photo IMG_2891.jpg
In every part of the book you'll see some instruction on how you can utilized every pages.
For example this page where you can record all the books the you actually finished reading, the date you started and the date you finished the book and of course your thoughts about it plus your sticker rating on it. Which they will provide the stickers that I'll show you in the end of the journal.
 photo IMG_2894.jpg
 Here's another part where there are activities  to help you more express yourself about your feeling about the book you read, which is fun to do as well.  
 photo IMG_2898.jpg
They will show you how this is done on every part of the journal.
 photo IMG_2899.jpg
 photo IMG_2900.jpg
 photo IMG_2905.jpg
Another part of the journal is you can list down all the books you like to purchase.
 photo IMG_2906.jpg
 photo IMG_2907.jpg
Another part is the Time To Read where you record how long or fast reader you are.
 photo IMG_2908.jpg
Its just so simple to use. :)
 photo IMG_2910.jpg
Another cool thing is that they have a recommended reading list that you can try if your in a reading slump. 
 photo IMG_2911.jpg
One of my favorite part is FREE STICKERS! ahaha I know! I fing their stickers cool and helpful as well to glam up your journal. FUN!
 photo IMG_2912.jpg
 photo IMG_2913.jpg
I think this is a great recommendation for you guys but as much I like to do that its no longer available. I think.  Anyway I got this in Nationalbook Store for P450. Hopefully you can also try to look around to your local bookstores maybe they have similar kind as this and of course care to share it to all to see! ahaha
CHEERS you guys!
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