Sunday, March 11, 2012

How To Marry A Millionaire Vampire By Kerrelyn Sparks

 Published by Avon Books
 July 26th 2005; Mass Market Paperback, 371 pages
Paranormal Romance
Series: Love At Stake # 1
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In this delightful debut, Sparks offers a fun romance with a touch of the supernatural. Already hiding out from the Russian mob, the last thing beautiful dentist Shanna Whelan needs is to be smitten with a handsome vampire in need of dental work. Original.
WHY READ: This is the first novel I finished reading from Kerrelyn Sparks. The Very first book I read from her is The Undead Next Door, I wasn't able to finish that cause I somehow forgot to read it again BUT I enjoyed reading it! that's why I convinced myself to read them all in order and which brought me to this book.
WHAT I LIKE: I LOVE the ideas that this novel has, I guess that's what keeps me going. This made me LAUGH. This is a very, super, duper LIGHT paranormal romantce and funny read.
WHAT DISAPPOINTED ME: Felt like this is a parody novel from the vampire hype these days. Maybe I read too much great vampy books that made my standards higher in reading a paranormal romance novels. I find it mawkish for my taste and didn't went crazy for it. There are TONS of paranormal romance novels out there greater than this, I admit.
 For the book cover, I really like it actually.
It made me curious and interested to read the book which is good, right?
attracting readers is a good thing for book covers. That made me feel about this book.

I only finish this book cause as much as possible I don't like leaving the books hanging. I want to finish them all whether good or bad it is, but if its worst, I better burn the book. ahaha So yeah, truth be told. 

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