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Fifty Shades Of Alice In Wonderland by Melinda DuChamp

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Kindle Edition, 115 pages
Published July 20th 2012 by Melinda Duchamp
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Eighteen-year-old Alice is unhappy. Her boyfriend is nice and polite, but he's also quick and careless in bed, and doesn't give Alice the attention and variety she craves. But he's not entirely to blame, because Alice herself doesn't understand her own needs. She's heard about what sex is supposed to be like, but has never felt anything remotely close to what she's read about in runaway bestselling books.


Then Alice follows a vibrating white rabbit down a deep, dark hole, which leads to a place beyond her wildest imagination. There are no nice boys--or girls--down here. Only those who indulge in secret, forbidden, kinky fantasies. 


Alice is confused and frightened and... aroused. She is bound. Teased. Spanked. Toyed. Brought to the limits of sexual endurance. And during her trials, she begins to understand her body's needs for the very first time.


This isn't the fairy tale you grew up reading. This isn't for children at all.

This is for those with dark desires, who wish to explore erotic excess beyond the plain vanilla of everyday life. Follow Alice down the rabbit hole, if you dare...

Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland is slightly longer than the Lewis Carroll version, roughly 32,000 words or 115 paper pages long. Melinda DuChamp is the pen name of someone you may know.

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Why Read: The first time I saw this was on Amazon, Browsing along their free books or deals for the day. I saw the title, Thought a ""parody " of the real Fifty Shades Of  Grey and got me smiling and I started to realized that funky mushroom on top and I started giggling like a lunatic plus it was only 115 pages so I instantly downloaded it cause I know it'll be a funny and a fast read so who could say no to that.
What I Like: If your looking for a erotica ADULT novel this book will definitely can deliver. I love every characters, There were a lot of unique people in this adventure. Weird, playful and comical. I guess that's were the Alice In Wonderland vibe comes from. Right? The story is funny especially about the main character and the positions that she gets into, Literally, a very light read, hilariously entertaining and fast pace novel.
What Disappointed Me: Well it's not really that disappointing maybe just quite unrealistic but hey, Its Alice In Wonderland theme right so maybe people were weird and HIGHLY horny. As in every character were steaming horny. A bit too much.
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I'm going to give the cover a big thumbs up. Its quite witty and really stays within the theme of the novel which I enjoy and it'll really gets your attention when browsing so Im a fan.
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Need I say more on how I enjoyed this book? I think not.  

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I gave it
4 1/2 MUSHROOMS for Melinda Duchamp!
A highly recommended book for ADULTS! sadly kids beware.
Hope that was helpful.
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