Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mark Your Book Of The Month!

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Its been awhile since I did this, Cause I forgot I have this part or segment in my blog monthly.
hahaha! Typical me. So I decided to start doing it as much as possible cause I love bookmarks. If you must know bookmarks are one of the factors that motivates me to read more.
For those who are new to this, basically every month I'll be posting interesting bookmarks that find in the internet or stores and share them with you.

So for this month, I saw this on tumblr.
Free downloadable owl bookmarks!!!
Oh my goodinesss! I was super excited when I saw this. And just have to share with you.
This Owl bookmarks is by Sash-ka
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Here is the LINK to go if your interested.
Now I have to warn you, It took me a while to find the download button cause it wasn't that visible at first but once you go to the website look at the right side of the screen and you'll see a small box which I took a picture of below. Just click it and VIOLA!
 photo dfg.png
So here are the sample I printed.
I was so giddy at this point. ahaha
 photo IMG_2771.jpg
Aren't they ADORABLE!!!
 photo IMG_2772.jpg
Thank you Sash-ka for the cute owl bookmarks.
and of course for giving them all for FREE! :) 
Sure will be using this and perhaps even give them as a simple tokens for Christmas.
Well, hope that was interesting and helpful for you guys.
As always thank you for visiting!

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